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Would you like to support our mission at the Arab Studies Institute to improve knowledge production on the Middle East? Make a tax-deductible contribution to our work and receive gifts! Options for donations are as follows: 
  • FRIEND $20: Hug
  • READER $50: 2 Hugs
  • CONTRIBUTOR $100: 1 ASJ issue*
  • SUPPORTER $250: 1 ASJ issue* + 1 JadMag
  • SPONSOR $500: 2 ASJ issues* + 2 JadMags
  • SUSTAINER $1,000: 2 ASJ issues* + 2 JadMags + 1 Tadween eBook + Recognition as Sustainer

 * Please select the desired issues and books by visiting ASJ and Tadween's websites.


Where is this donation going? 

Donations to the Arab Studies Journal will primarily go towards the costs of publishing the journal on regular basis and increasing its circulation. Such regularity boosts subscriptions and generates enough sales to sustain the Journal for years to come.



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