Status Hour: Reclaiming Academic Freedom

Posted on May 05, 2015 by Tadween Editors | 0 comments

A gripping segment that illuminates the challenges of passing academic boycott, as well as the evolution of the tactics of repression affecting both students and faculty. The segment is a culmination of five comprehensive interviews bringing together the narratives of professors and students directly engaged in issues surrounding political speech in academia. 

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Ranking Arab Universities: A Farce

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Tadween Editors | 0 comments
Rankings are not indicative of research, nor are they used for evaluation of research even in very competitive environments. Rankings are not used for funding decisions and probably have never had any real impact on choosing a career since other features such as location, cost, proximity, and previous knowledge of an academic institution play a more important role than any ranking. They only serve a symbolic, political and highly ideological function in that they legitimize the idea of benchmarking among different universities.

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New Book: Too Big To Fail

Posted on March 02, 2015 by Tadween Editors | 0 comments

Whatever happened to the United States’ much-vaunted post-Cold War “unipolar moment,” when it was not only supposed to be the only superpower left standing, but also one in a position to impose its every whim on the rest of the planet?

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Coming Soon! Too Big To Fail by Khalil Bendib

Posted on January 15, 2015 by Tadween Editors | 0 comments

A collection of cartoons by Algerian-American political cartoonist, Khalil Bendib, Too Big To Fail celebrates the epochal paradigm shift that has unfolded over the past few years--beginning with the US economic meltdown of 2008 and ending with the current instability in the Middle East and beyond since the 2011 uprisings--pointing out the absurdity of it all and heralding the light at the end of the tunnel for the oppressed 99% worldwide.

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