JADMAG Issue 6.1 "1967"

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Edited by Sherene Seikaly

The last two years have been chock full of commemorations, from World War I to the Russian Revolution and many in between. With each of these commemorations, scholars and observers attempt to put history in conversation with the global darkness of our times. Here we commemorate the 1967 Six Day War. On 5 June 1967, Israel tripled its territory, occupying the West Bank, Gaza Strip, East Jerusalem, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Golan Heights. The Israeli army had put a decisive end to the power and ambition of both pan-Arabism and the armies that were meant to fight on its behalf.  The defeat was rapid and deep. The consequences would be just as deep and continue to constitute of the present.

A group of Jadaliyya editors and contributors have come together here to think, not about the war itself but about its historical, territorial, temporal, epistemological, and affective legacies and registers.

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Table of Contents



by Sherene Seikaly



The 1967 Defeat and the Conditions of the Now: A Roundtable

Establishing a Legal Mechanism of Exception for the Non-Exceptional by Noura Erakat,

Meir Shamgar’s Long Shadow by Lisa Hajjar,

1967 and Third Worldism by Omar Dahi,

1967 in Algeria and Palestine: Two Revolutions and the Question of Historical Time by Muriam Haleh-Davis,

The Temporalities of Settler Colonialism: Paper, Trees, and Pockmarks of Law and Land by Maya Mikdashi,

Beyond the Epistemological Crutch of 1967 by Ziad Abu-Rish,

1967: An Absence at the Heart of Postcolonial Studies by Anthony Alessandrini,

The Tendrils of 1967 by Nadya Sbaiti,

1967 from Cataclysm to Simulacrum by Adel Iskandar,

An Ongoing Naksa: When Every Day Is 1967 by Hesham Sallam,

1967, Syria, and the Others by Bassam Haddad,

Why 1967? by Mouin Rabbani


As Thyself: The 1967 War and the Mizrahim

by Omri Ben Yehuda


وجودنا المقامَر به

أسامة إسبر


Critical Readings in Political Economy: 1967

by Max Ajl


Familiar Ruptures and Opportunities, 1967 and 2017

by Noura Erakat


The 1967 June War and the Palestinian National Movement

Mouin Rabbani


What Is Special about Israel?

by Ran Greenstein


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