Arab Studies Journal Announces Spring 2017 Issue

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We are proud to announce the twenty-fifth issue of the Arab Studies Journal is now available at Tadween Publishing! 

In this issue, we are honored to feature Ghenwa Hayek's “Making Ordinary: Recuperating the Everyday in Post-2005 Beirut Novels.” This article examines a public replete with memories of violence, and how they find greater meaning in experiencing the "ordinariness" of regular life through movies, books, and art, than any "extraordinary" renditions of war and sacrifice. In it, she finds that the ordinary middle is hard to reach for the Lebanese, who have to confront the complexities of post-war life in subtle ways that continue to inhibit their ability to move forward. Geoffrey P. Levin's “Arab Students, American Jewish Insecurities, and the End of Pro-Arab Politics in Mainstream America, 1952-1973” deals with quite a different historical phenomenon. He traces the activism of the Organization of Arab Students in the United States, and how they moved from a place of mainstream Arab nationalism to anti-imperial radicalism, which was ultimately marginalized through the efforts of Zionist and Jewish student groups. The narrative of this group continues to have significance until today, wherein Arab activism in the West is still viewed with suspicion, under careful surveillance of the FBI and CIA.

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The Knowledge Production Project

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At the Middle East Studies Association 2016 annual meeting, the Arab Studies Institute (ASI) launched the Knowledge Production Project (KPP). Currently in its beta form, KPP is a visual and searchable database of all knowledge published in English about the Middle East and North Africa since 1979. Just as knowledge production is not static, neither is this database; the ASI team is continuously updating KPP.

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