Tadween Roundup: News and Analysis in Publishing and Academia from the Arab World

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News and stories with a focus on the publishing industry, education, and technology from across the Arab world.

Librarian’s Guide to Developing an Arabic Literature Collection
By M. Lynx Qualey (Arabic Literature [in English])

Arabic Literature (in English) interviews Librarian Isabella Rowan, international languages and ESL librarian at Dearborn Public Library, about how to manage a collection of Arabic literature in a United States library.

More than 20 Arab Publishing Houses in Content Industry Contribute to ‘LearnBook’
(Daily News Egypt)

Publishing houses from Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait and Lebanon contribute books and research material to the e-library “LearnBook.”

The Economic Struggle of Public-University Professors
(Al-Fanar Media)

Professors across the Arab world are struggling to find passion in their field given the low pay rates they receive. Al-Fanar Media highlights the plight of underpaid professors, which includes a survey entitled “A Survey of Public-University Professors’ Pay.”

On Campus: A Year of Despair and Possibility
By Mai Shams El-Din (Mada Masr)

Routine protests and demonstrations in Egyptian universities has mirrored the country’s past year of political turmoil.

Cairo International Book Fair: History and Challenges
By Mary Mourad and Mohammed Saad (Ahram Online)

The Cairo International Book Fair, often plagued by Egypt’s turbulent political events, is scheduled to begin as planned on January 22.

Books are Latest Victim of Lebanon’s Violence
By Diaa Hadid (Associated Press)

A 40-year old bookshop owned by Father Ibrahim Sarrouj is torched by masked men, setting fire to thousands of books.

Letter from Lebanon: A Bookshop Burns 
By Elias Muhanna (The New Yorker) 

In an article for The New Yorker, Elias Muhanna describes the changing landscape in Tripoli as a partial result of a spillover of the intractable conflict in Syria and the mysterious events surrounding the burning of a bookshop. 

Donations to Burnt ‘al-Sa’eh Library’
By M. Lynx Qualey (Arabic Literature [in English])

Several organizations have started collection campaigns to rebuild the al-Sa’eh Library, which was set on fire in Tripoli, Lebanon.

For Arabs in Israel, Curriculum Choice is Politically Charged 
By Kate Shuttleworth (New York Times) 

In Israel, Palestinian students are forced to choose between a Palestinian Authority authorized curriculum and Israeli curriculum, knowing that both have their consequences and benefits.

‘Arabic Literature Needs Support’
By Faizul Haque (Times of Oman)

Times of Oman interviews Samuel Shimon, founder of the Arabic literature magazine Banipal, about the future of Arab and Omani literature.

Qatar to Launch $200K Arabic-novel Award in March
By M. Lynx Qualey (Arabic Literature [in English]) 

Katara Cultural Village announced it will launch a new $200,000 Arabic-novel award in march that will also include translating the novel into English and adapting it into a film or play.

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