What Will Tadween Publish?

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Tadween Publishing will pursue the development of the categories below as part of our mission to deliver both traditional and non-traditional publications of the highest quality. Tadween also aims to interact with potential authors during the earlier phases of the publication process in order to integrate interactive content when possible and productive. Our discussion forums and communication tools will be used to create a different kind of relationship between author and publishing house, author and text, and readers and text. Approaching texts as dynamic contributions to an ongoing conversation, we view the production of knowledge as an ongoing process of refinement rather than an attempt to achieve unquestionable truths.


  • Books: The core of Tadween's publications will always be peer-reviewed books, with no regional, disciplinary, or topical restrictions. Tadween will also publish literary works, translations, and fiction, in both Arabic and English. 
  • Interactive E-books: Employing a variety of electronic production mechanisms, Tadween will develop thoroughly interactive e-books that embed links to additional resources for further reading or research. E-books will incorporate articles in order to encourage readers to engage with various modes. Tadween intends to take interactivity to levels that far surpass what mainstream academic publishing currently offers.
  • Pedagogical Material: In line with our aim to provide resources to educators, researchers, and students, Tadween especially welcomes submissions of hard-hitting pedagogical materials in all forms, including textbooks, articles, photographs, and videos.
  • Oral/Visual History: Oral and visual history accounts are a valuable and often unique form of knowledge. Tadween will expand access to oral/visual history narratives in both mediated and unmediated forms, while also attending to the politics of memory and rememberingTadween invites a variety of such accounts and will help determine the best publication format in consultation with potential contributors. We will also provide logistical support on a case-by-case basis (including equipment and training through our sister organization for audio-visual production, Quilting Point).
  • Poetry and Fiction: Poetry and fiction present events, ideas, and experiences in ways that can be particularly illuminating and complex. Tadween is open to publishing such works, which we will select based on the same rigorous criteria applied to nonfiction.
  • Travel Journals: In their most refined forms, travel journals can open a window onto different elements of social life as well as particular events and historically significant moments. Tadween seeks to elevate expectations of what such texts can be by bringing the peer-review process to well-written and developed travel journals.
    • Diaries: Similar to travel journals, personal journals and diaries can enrich our understanding of events and historical moments. Tadween will present diaries that help us reflect on contentious politics, around the globe and in the Middle East.
    • Photo Collections: Tadween is open to publishing collections of photographs and photo essays that are introduced and situated by the author and that bring new layers and context to their subject.
    • Archives: By creating a section for archival material, Tadween hopes to encourage individuals, particularly historians, to make available to the general public annotated collections of (non-copyrighted) archival materials for pedagogical and research purposes.
    • Video Installations, Videos, Documentaries, and Films: Tadween will publish different forms of audio-visual aids as well as peer-reviewed filmographies that include all types of films and documentaries.
    • Music: Music and song can provide creative insight and a different type of context to topics and events. Tadween will publish select music collections, chosen with an eye to pedagogical use, long-term significance, and matters of historical record.
    • Artwork and Cartoons: As creative expressions of critique, artwork and cartoons are valuable educational tools for understanding a region or topic. Tadween will publish visual material, generally accompanied by expository text. In this category, aesthetics as well as substance will be considered in the peer-review process.
    • Collection of Statements: Tadween will publish collections of statements, quotations, and press releases made by individuals or groups that have an impact on events or enrich the discourse on certain topics. Extensive commentary contextualizing the statements will accompany each collection.
    • Photo Collections: Tadween will be open to publishing collections of photographs and photo essays that give particular topics and events a multi-dimensional context. All such submissions will have to be properly introduced and situated by the author.
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