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Tadween Publishing brings you the latest news and analyses from the publishing world that relates to pedagogy and knowledge production.

The political consequences of academic paywalls
By Sarah Kendzior (Al Jazeera)

When information is power, the paywall privileges the powerful,” claims Sarah Kendzior, as she explains how making her academic research about an Uzbekistan massacre accessible to the public helped Uzbeks win political asylum.

Cyber Martyr
By Trevor Butterworth (The Daily Beast)

Trevor Butterworth questions why the U.S. government pursued Aaron Swartz with such intensity. Was he that much of a threat?

Aaron's Law: Violating a Site's Terms of Service Should Not Land You in Jail
By Lawrence Lessig (The Atlantic)

In the aftermath of Aaron Swartz’s suicide, Lawrence Lessig reflects on how American law stepped over its own boundaries when pressing charges against Swartz for breaching JSTOR’s terms of service.

Why Printed Books Will Never Die
By Josh Catone (Mashable)

As eBooks become more popular in the digital age, Josh Catone comments on the beauty and benefits of printed books. 

5 Academic Publishing Trends to Watch in 2013
By George Lossies (Publishing Perspectives)

CEO of Publishing Technology George Lossies examines what he expects will be the five trends in Academic Publishing in the year ahead.

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