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Tadween Publishing brings you the latest news and analyses from the publishing world that relates to pedagogy and knowledge production.

Publishing Ethics and Platform Neutrality | Peer to Peer Review
By Kevin L. Smith (Library Journal)

A librarian getting sued for criticizing a publishing house for publishing below average books? Another librarian getting sued for keeping a list of “predatory” open access publishers? With both of these instances happening back-to-back, perhaps it is a warning sign for those in the publishing industry.

Can Technology Disrupt Education?
By Larry Magid (Forbes)

In a sector struggling to understand what reform is needed in order to change the classroom to fit students’ needs, it appears that technology may be the answer, or at least a diversion away from the default use of standardized tests in schools.

The Education-Technology Revolution is Coming
By Sig Behrens (US News and World Report)

According to Sig Behrens, technology has created a new type of consumer in education, the active learner. Education institutions are struggling to find ways to connect students to new ways of studying and learning.

A Book is a Start-Up
By Betsy Morais (The New Yorker)

At the moment, it appears as though anyone can become a novelist or book author. Digital publishing is making it easier for people to print books with their name on them; however, as Betsy Morais of The New Yorker points out, the realm of book publishing through one’s self is becoming an enterprise where business minds are trying to interpret the market.

SXSW 2013: Self-Publishing, David Carr and the ‘Theology of Free’
By Calvin Reid (Publishers Weekly)

At this year’s SXSW, Publishers Weekly hosted a panel, moderated by senior news editor Rachel Deahl, that focused on the issues surrounding self-publishing, with a particular focus on publishing in the digital age.

Self-Publishing Takes Center Stage at the San Francisco Writers Conference
By Carla King (PBS MediaShift)

At this year’s San Francisco Writers Conference self-publishing was the hot topic, with self-publishing entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki, who wrote “APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur-How to Publish Your Book,” as the keynote speaker.

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