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Tadween Publishing brings you the latest news and analyses from the publishing and academic worlds that relates to pedagogy and knowledge production.

Ebook anxieties increase as publishing revolution rolls on
By Alison Flood (Guardian)

It used to be that if you bought a book it was yours to have, unless you decided to resell it or give it away. The concept of reselling a purchased book is not strange, but when you think about reselling your eBooks it might be hard to comprehend. Alison Flood writes about Amazon’s desire to sell “used” eBooks and the intangibility of the digital publishing world.

Which Publishers Are the Best at Selling Ebooks in 2013?
By Jeremy Greenfield (Forbes)

We hear about the rising success of self-publishers and eBooks, but how do the numbers stack up? Digital Book World created a list that ranks how well publishers are doing in eBook sales.

Free Sites to Promote Your eBook
By Jason Boog (GalleyCat/MediaBistro)

The book publishing blog GalleyCat has produced a list of sites and forms were self-published authors can promote their eBooks for free.

The Evolution of Scientific Dissemination: PeerJ Rises
By Susana Martinez-Conde (Scientific American)

Has PeerJ found the solution to the open access versus subscription-for-access fight? Unlike journals who charge readers with heavy subscription fees, PeerJ takes a route similar to open access and will charge authors $99 to publish one article per year or $299 for unlimited publishing. Will this be the new model for other journals to follow?

No Rich Child Left Behind
By Sean F. Reardon (New York Times)

New York Times’ contributor Sean F. Reardon discusses the well known but disregarded parallels between education and wealth in America.

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