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Tadween Publishing has compiled a list of blogs and websites that feature news and analysis on education. Whether you are looking for news on how technology is being integrated into the educational system, new innovative styles of teaching, or updates on the battle for academic freedom, the following list should be your guide.

Inside Higher Ed

With news, analysis, blogs, and a job board, Insider Higher Ed contains updates on everything going on in the field of education. In addition to the regularly updated website, Inside Higher Ed also offers webinars (although at a hefty cost) on a variety of education-related matters, and has a running list of upcoming conferences and meeting that focus on education.

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The Chronicle of Higher Education is updated daily with academic world news and analysis, with a specific target audience of educators and administrators. In addition to their website, The Chronicle of Higher Education also publishes a print edition which is distributed widely to universities and colleges. The downside is that information is not open-access friendly, and some of the content is restricted to paid subscribers.

Mediashift (PBS)

A website produced by PBS that focuses on how new media is transforming society, Mediashift has a number of different focuses, among them education. Mediashift’s education portal focuses mainly on new technological innovations in education, including how technology and new media is creating new trends. Medishift also has an Idea Lab page dedicated to education, which focuses on startup ideas.

Al Fanar

Al Fanar is only a few months old but it is already filling the void on information regarding Arab world education. The website publishes news, analysis, and commentary related to higher education in the Arab world.

World Education Blog

The World Education Blog is run by the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, published by UNESCO, and it focuses on a wide range of issues regarding education across the globe. The blog’s in-depth reporting focuses on a variety of topics, with a particular concentration on access to education.


Edublogs is not a news site, but it is an impressive blog network that focuses solely on education and academia. It is more than just a host for blogs; it functions as a community that encourages blogging as an innovative forum to enhance dialogue.

Times Higher Education

Times Higher Education is a UK-based website that focuses on news in education and provides current analysis on important debates in higher education. The website also hosts a job board and annual rankings for universities across the world.

Library Journal

Although the Library Journal’s main focus is libraries, of course, the website also hosts a lot of important stories relevant to education, as libraries are an integral part of most academic institutions.

Education Week

Education Week offers news and analysis covering a variety of academic issues, concentrating on all levels of education.  The website also catalogues current events focusing on education and has several affiliates, including TopSchoolJobs and Teacher.

If you liked this one, check out our post on "Where to Find Publishing News on the Web." As always, stay tuned to Tadween Publishing for news and analysis from the academic world.

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