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Al-Diwan brings you the latest news and analysis from the publishing and academic worlds that relate to pedagogy and knowledge production.


Online database gives uncensored look into Lebanon’s censorship 
By Florence Massena (Al Monitor)

 The Virtual Museum of Censorship is a database that amalgamates and analyzes trends in censorship data, looking at how social taboos of certain years may have been translated into banning specific websites, newspapers, and books.

Block extends to four new websites, bringing total to 73 
(Mada Masr)

 Mada Masr, now one of 73 new sites blocked in Egypt, is keeping a tally of new sites that are blocked in the country while also filing a lawsuit against the communications minister to challenge the censorship.

A Sharjah Publishing City Update: ‘We are Selling Out” 
By Porter Anderson (Publishing Perspectives)

The Sharjah Publishing City was envisioned to be “one-stop shopping for publishers in Sharjah.” Construction took longer than expected, but there has been great interest from various international companies in what the space will have to offer.

For Second Time in 18 Years, Arabic Short Story Shortlisted for Caine Prize 
(Arab Lit)

Bishra al-Fadil, a Sudanese writer, has his book, “The Story of the Girl whose Birds Flew Away,” shortlisted for the Caine Prize. Max Shmookler translated the book. The final award will be announced in July.

Iraqi poets reclaim streets 
By Omar al-Jaffal (Al Monitor)

 The House of Iraqi Poetry aims to use literature and poetry to change and promote progress within Iraqi society. Since 2009, the organization has been growing and soon hopes to expand from the main location in Baghdad.



An Online Movement Translates Academic Articles into Arabic 
By Gilgamesh Nabeel (Al Fanar Media)

The Iraqi Translation Project works to make more academic articles accessible to an Arabic speaking audience in the hopes of “decreas[ing] the high rates of ignorance in [Arab] societies.”

Gaza’s First English Library: Gaza Connects with the World 
By Lina Samad (BarakaBits)

 Mossab Abu Toha opened Gaza’s first public English library to provide a refuge from Gaza’s open-air prison. So far, Abu Toha has been very successful, collecting more than 200 books and $2,000.

Palestinian University Graduates Face Harsh Futures 
By Asma’ Jawabreh (Al Fanar Media)

Jawabreh sheds light onto the seeming disconnect between the college education provided in Palestine and the skills needed to succeed in various disciplines, skills that graduates realize they lack once entering the job market.

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