Announcing the 2020 Political Economy Book Prize Competition (Political Economy Project)

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The Political Economy Project (PEP) is pleased to invite nominations for our 2020 Middle East Political Economy Book Prize. PEP aims to recognize and disseminate exceptional critical work on the political economy of the Middle East. While the book must have a political economy theme, we welcome nominations from across academic disciplines. Submissions will be read and judged by a committee drawn from PEP’s membership. Eligible texts must have been published in 2019 and can be either Arabic or English language. The book must make an original contribution to critical political economy research. The author(s) of the winning book will receive a prize of US$1000 and will be invited to give a talk at a PEP affiliated University. The author(s) will also be interviewed by the Arab Studies Institute’s Audio Magazine, Status/الوضع.

The deadline for submission is 30 June 2020.
If you intend to participate, please notify us at:

To be considered, you must send an electronic copy of the book to bookprize@politicaleconomyproject.org or two hard copies to the address below. One copy will be returned once the committee has reached a decision.

Arab Studies Institute
4260 Chain Bridge Rd, Suite A6
Fairfax, VA 22030


One copy will be returned once the committee has reached a decision. More information can be found on our Website, www.PoliticalEconomyProject.org. Those who have already submitted their texts will also receive them, precluding one copy, once the competition is over.

This Book Prize Competition is co-sponsored by the Middle East Studies Program at George Mason University.

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