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Dear Readers:
For the month of February 2017, Jadaliyya and Tadween Publishing will be highlighting the work of authors who published in the Arab Studies Journal (ASJ). In honor of the crossover between ASJ and Jadaliyya, we have compiled a retrospective collection of articles that bridge the gap between these two publications.
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-ASJ Team
ASJ Articles on Jadaliyya: 
  1. Of Sand or Soil: Genealogy and Tribal Belonging in Saudi Arabia
  2. New Texts Out Now: Nadine Bekdache, Evicting Sovereignty: Lebanon's Housing Tenants from Citizens to Obstacles
  3. New Texts Out Now: Haytham Bahoora, Writing the Dismembered Nation: The Aesthetics of Horror in Iraqi Narratives of War
  4. New Texts Out Now: Ella Shohat, The Question of Judeo-Arabic
  5. Alexandrian Cosmopolitanism: An Archive
  6. New Texts Out Now: Joel Beinin, Mixing, Separation, and Violence in Urban Spaces and the Rural Frontier in Palestine
  7. New Texts Out Now: Simon Jackson, Diaspora Politics and Developmental Empire: The Syro-Lebanese at the League of Nations
  8. New Texts Out Now: Mohammad Salama and Rachel Friedman, Locating the Secular in Sayyid Qutb
  9. New Texts Out Now: Gilbert Achcar, Eichmann in Cairo: The Eichmann Affair in Nasser's Egypt
  10. New Arab Studies Journal Issue . . . Around the Corner!
  11. The Arab Studies Journal Celebrates Twenty Years: An Interview with Bassam Haddad, Sherene Seikaly, and Nadya Sbaiti
  12. New Texts Out Now: Wendy Pearlman, Emigration and the Resilience of Politics in Lebanon
  13. The Arab Studies Journal's Twentieth Anniversary Issue
  14. New Texts Out Now: Louise Cainkar, Global Arab World Migrations and Diasporas
  15. Arab Studies Journal Spotlight: Visual Arts and Art Practices in the Middle East (Spring 2010)
  16. Arab Studies Journal Highlight: The Dynamics of Space in the Middle East and North Africa (Fall 2006)
  17. Arab Studies Journal Spotlight: Spring 2009
  18. Historical Narratives, Contemporary Events: Arab Studies Journal Spotlight (Spring 2011)
  19. Announcing Arab Studies Journal Vol. XXII: Cultures of Resistance
  20. Arab Studies Journal Announces Fall 2015 Issue: Editors' Note and Table of Contents
  21. New Texts Out Now: Abir Saksouk-Sasso, Making Spaces for Communal Sovereignty: The Story of Beirut's Dalieh
  22. A Glimpse Into Arab Studies Journal’s Newly Released Issue: Spring 2016
  23. Arab Studies Journal Announces Fall 2016 Issue: Editor's Note and Table of Contents
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