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Call for Internship Applications At ASI

Fall/Winter 2017



For the first time ever, the Arab Studies Institute is offering internships for specific positions across our various platforms! See below for availability and details.


  • Assistant Editor for Reviews

    The position of assistant editor for reviews will have an intern work closely with the NEWTON page editor in helping produce, promote, and curate content produced on that page. Applicants for this position should be interested in pedagogy, engaging with and promoting critical material, have knowledge of trends and fluctuations in academia regarding Middle Eastern topics of interest, and have a discerning eye for detail.

     Internship responsibilities will include: 
  1. Selecting and pitching new books to be featured for NEWTON posts. At least two posts should be published on a weekly basis.
  2. Coordinating with the page editor in ongoing posts and their schedules, filling in the content of the NEWTON posts with summaries, information about the author, and suggestions of the book’s implications.
  3. Performing basic copyediting on NEWTON posts.
  •  Roundups Editor

    The roundups editor will be responsible for managing, scheduling, and augmenting the material encapsulated by the various daily roundups posts, in coordination with Jadaliyya’s managing editor.

     Internship responsibilities will include:
  1. Monitoring the content of every roundups post published, making sure the material published within is professional and appropriate, copy-editing, and adding new pieces of news where the roundup seems to be inadequate.
  2. Maintaining a routine schedule for roundups posts.
  3. Coordinate with the page editor for strategies and content.
  • DARS (Daily Acts of Resistance) Page Roundup Editor

    Internship responsibilities will include:
  1. Gathering news and currents for weekly DARS roundups, from many countries within the Middle East and North Africa region, by keeping in touch with the current events happening on the ground.
  2. Monitoring the content of every roundups post published, making sure the material published within is professional and appropriate, and adding new pieces of news where the roundup seems to be inadequate.
  3. Maintaining a routine schedule for roundups posts.

Tadween Publishing

  • Outreach and Marketing Assistant

    The outreach and marketing assistant for Tadween will have the opportunity to work closely with the managing editor to plan build the infrastructure to expand Tadween’s reach into new markets. Until now, Tadween has been a small publishing company that has marketed to only a select readership, but with an outreach and marketing assistant, we are aiming to expand our capacity and reach. We need a dynamic and innovative mind who is willing to work with flexibility and initiative, who is willing to pitch plans, and who loves to take charge of a project from the ground-up.

    Internship responsibilities will include:

    1. Becoming acquainted with Tadween’s mission and operational activities, and then drafting an action plan for marketing and outreach goals.

    2. Identifying and reaching out to select book distributors, university libraries, or other dispersive institutions to begin building relationships with organizations that can help get the word out on Tadween’s books, and to put them on as many shelves as we can manage.

    3. Help curate and manage social media content.

Forum on Arab and Muslim Affairs (FAMA)

  • MESPI Research Intern

    The Middle East Studies Pedagogy Initiative (MESPI) is a brand-new project being launched by FAMA, which seeks to reconstitute the ways that both students and educators engage with studying, teaching, and talking about the Middle East in Academia.

    Internship responsibilities will include:
  1. Helping to formulate and launch outreach initiatives in tandem with MESPI team leads, in order to disseminate pedagogical material and to build relationships within the academic community.
  2. Assist in administrative and research tasks, as directed by various MESPI team leads.
  3. Help bolster, catalogue, and data-base manage MESPI resources.


  • Knowledge Production Project (KPP) Research Interns

    Interns for the Knowledge Production Project will be assigned to one of five different databases within, each with their own mission and intent in studying the production of knowledge about the Middle East.
    Internship responsibilities will differ based on their assigned database: trends, production, think tanks, connections, or sources. In general, internship responsibilities will include:
  1. Researching sources of knowledge production (think tanks, governmental legislation, dissertations, etc.) and evaluating the topic and method by which they are formulating knowledge about the Middle East. From there, they will participate in database management and will input information into long-standing spreadsheets that detail trends.
  2. Work closely with the coordinator of their assigned database to decide upon new paths of research and potential interesting leads for the development of the project.



ASI is also offering new internship opportunities that involve training, research, and production at various levels in one of ASI’s five organizations: Arab Studies Journal (ASJ), JadaliyyaForum on Arab and Muslim Affairs (FAMA), Quilting Point, and Tadween Publishing. If you want to work with one of ASI’s platforms in a more general capacity, or believe that your skills are better suited for a position not advertised under our specific positions, this is the best option for you.

The internships offered are in several areas, but we are particularly looking for the following:

  • Pedagogy and Knowledge Production Research: Research Associates for a project on knowledge production within academia, think tanks, pop culture, and the media. 
  • Language Editors: Editors and Copy Editors with experience in editing and knowledge of the region (Arabic, English, and/or French). 
  • Current Events Synthesis and Reporting (English, Arabic, French, and/or Turkish).
  • Audio/Video Producers and Editors: Video Editors and Producers for StatusHour.com

                       a)  Content Producer (with experience in Middle East Studies
                       b)  Video Editor (with Final Cut Pro Experience)

ASI is looking for candidates who are self-motivated, collaboratively-minded, and eager to develop their skills in a variety of respects. While specializing in particular areas, ASI interns will develop a broad set of skills (including writing, type-setting, editing, audio and video production, translation, networking, managing, and/or administrating), especially if they remain on board for more than one term.      

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Internships involve a ten- to fifteen-hour weekly commitment that can in most cases be fulfilled remotely—the location of applicants need not be in Washington, DC. Inquiries may be sent to: info@ArabStudiesInstitute.org

Apply at: http://www.asikp.com/internships.html


Status Audio Journal internship positions are now avaialable:
If you have Audio Editing, Production, Post-Production, and/or Hosting experience, apply!



Internships with the Knowledge Production Project (KPP) - our massive data search and visualization platform - are now available.


Internships for College Credit

Fall/Winter 17


Our Internship for Credit Program (ICP) is optional and candidates may enroll in the program after they are accepted as an ASI intern. ICP involves a minimum commitment of 15 hours per week, extensive research/engagement, mentorship by the ASI supervisor with whom you work, and a final writing project with an eye to publication.

The Arab Studies Institute’s Internship for Credit Program is designed to work with qualified undergraduate and graduate students who would like to earn college credit while participating in an internship with ASI. While the exact conversion of internship hours to credit hours will be determined by the requirements of the individual student’s program, ASI has prepared a list of standardized expectations which conform to national standards for internship for credit programs.

Benefit to the Student Intern:

Our foremost concern is the benefits the student will receive while completing this program. We expect that each student intern will have the opportunity to achieve the following benefits in addition to working toward academic credit:

  • Career-related experience
  • Practical knowledge of the field
  • Opportunity to explore career avenues
  • Valuable experience for CVs/resumes
  • Increased practice-based self-confidence
  • Training which enhances conventional classroom learning methods
  • Letters of recommendation from supervisor(s) and co-workers

Responsibilities of the Student Intern:

While the exact duties of each individual may vary across internships, we expect that each student intern will be held to the following standard of responsibilities:

  • Adhere to policies, procedures, and rules governing professional behavior;
  • Maintain a punctual and reliable working relationship, abiding by the work schedule and number of hours agreed to by the intern and his or her supervisor;
  • Communicate regularly with the supervisor, particularly in situations where the intern may need to adjust the terms of the working relationship (e.g., to reschedule a meeting);
  • Respect the confidentiality of the workplace and employees;
  • Take the initiative to volunteer for tasks or projects that the intern finds interesting;
  • Communicate any problems with the intern’s supervisor, or if necessary, ASI’s internship coordinator.

Internship Requirements:

In addition to these general expectations, the student intern will also be required to meet the following requirements during the term of his or her internship:

  •  Meet a minimum commitment of 15 hours of work per week;
  •  Develop a working relationship with the supervisor, such that he or she can adequately serve as a mentor;
  •  Actively engage with research assignments, with a focus on how individual projects fold into the larger research agenda;
  •  Conduct a final writing project upon completion of the internship, under the guidance of the supervisor. The writing project can range from one where the student intern can reflect upon his or her internship experience to actually producing a research paper that the mentor will help place in an appropriate publication.

Expectations of the Intern’s Supervisor:

In addition to setting a standard of expectation for our student interns, ASI expects a similar standard from each individual supervisor. As such, the supervisors will:

  • Possess expertise in the specific area of the internship, whether academic or administrative;
  • Cultivate a good working relationship with the intern, and serve as his or her mentor;
  • Maintain a good line of communication with the intern, and be available for any questions;
  •  Be responsible for training the intern, providing the intern with the tools necessary to complete the internship successfully;
  • Outline learning objectives for the student intern;
  •  Provide the necessary evaluation forms for the intern’s academic program;
  •  Oversee and assign the intern’s work, and assist where necessary;
  •   Provide constructive feedback and suggestions to enhance the intern’s learning experience;
  • Provide a letter of recommendation at the conclusion of the internship.

Expectations of the Internship Coordinator:

ASI also maintains an Internship Coordinator, who facilitates the internship process, working with the interns and the internship supervisors to create a beneficial working environment to both the student and ASI. The Internship Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  •  Working with the student’s specific academic program to determine what conditions need to be met in order for the internship to be eligible for credit, and making sure those conditions are known to both the student and his or her supervisor;
  •  Facilitating the relationship between the student intern and the supervisor, and providing support for the intern wherever necessary;
  •  Ensuring that the terms of the internship conform to the standards of both the U.S. Department of Labor, as well as the National Association for Colleges and Employers.

For further information on any aspect of internships at ASI, email us at info@ArabStudiesInstitute.org.

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