Tadween Publishing Is Launching!

Posted on September 02, 2012 by Tadween Editors | 0 comments

Dear Readers,

We are hereby launching Tadween Publishing, a new kind of publishing house that seeks to institutionalize a new a new form of knowledge production. A subsidiary of the Arab Studies Institute, Tadween aims both to publish critical texts and to interrogate existing processes and frameworks through which knowledge is produced. Specifically, Tadween is dedicated to four fundamental goals:

  • To join the current that challenges the monopoly of the mainstream publishing world by expanding and deepening the notion of what is publication-worthy; 
  • To offer readers thoroughly interactive products that bring the benefits of technology to refined scholarship and other significant texts;
  • To focus on pedagogy by attending to the way texts and other forms of produced knowledge best make their way into a classroom; and
  • To contribute to a new kind of process, and content, of knowledge production on the Middle East and beyond.

We will publish in Arabic, English, and French, and there will be no restrictions on region or topic. 

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