New Book: Aborted State? The UN Initiative and New Palestinian Junctures

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Aborted State? The UN Initiative and New Palestinian Junctures 
Edited by Noura Erakat and Mouin Rabbani 

This book examines the Palestinian UN initiative from the key perspectives of strategy and leadership; international law and statehood; US foreign policy; and representation. It also includes more recent material from the 2012 sequel to the 2011 initiative, and relevant appendices

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Re-imagining Education in Egypt

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When the system is not working, sometimes it is better to take things into your own hands. In Egypt, some entrepreneurs are doing just that by experimenting with new frameworks in education in order to combat the deficiencies of Egyptian classrooms.

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Academic Freedom and the Middle East: A Handbook for Teaching and Research

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By Yasmin Moll, Emily McKee, Tessa Farmer, and Jessica Barnes

The Middle East is a region that is continuously in the news and frequently the focus of controversial, polarizing and sometimes virulent debate within both policy and media circles. Scholars working on the Middle East face a unique set of challenges in their teaching and research. What they have to say, and how they say it, is often subjected to intense scrutiny by those with vested political or ideological interests. Such extra-scholarly pressures can pose serious threats to academic freedom and exercising professional responsibility. In light of these circumstances, the Taskforce on Middle East Anthropology created a resource guide in 2006 titled Academic Freedom and Professional Responsibility after 9/11: A Handbook for Scholars and Teachers. The first edition of the handbook was based on ethnographic interviews with and research on academics working on the Middle East who have encountered obstacles in their teaching and scholarship.

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