JADMAG Issue 6.4: Fall 2018

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This issue coincides with the eighth anniversary of Jadaliyya, and ushers in a new era and concept for JadMag, one that was always part of its raison d’etre. Starting this fall, it will be published as a subscription-based magazine in both hard-copy and electronically. The cultivation of a steady readership will enable the JadMag team to produce a wide-ranging and an even more intellectually stimulating publication.

These magazines will be released twice a year, in addition to a third issue that will be specifically geared toward pedagogy on issues pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa. A fourth issue will be included in all subscriptions, and it can be any of our already published theme issues on JadMag.org. Starting in 2019, each JadMag will feature diverse content and offer unique articles or interviews that will not be found on Jadaliyya at the time of publication. Coupling timely content with the addition of essential readings lists, reviews of new books and scholarly articles, and topical pieces from Jadaliyya’s celebrated archives allows the JadMag project more ambitiously to function as a knowledge producer, a near-comprehensive source of analysis on the region, and a pedagogical resource par excellence.

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Table of Contents

Featured Article

Political Islam and the Endurance of American Empire

by Abdullah Al-Arian



Racial Capitalism and the Campaign Against “Islamo-Gauchisme” in France

by Muriam Haleh Davis

The Absence of Coptic Christians on the Rabaa Square

by Mina Ibrahim

How the Saudi Regime Silences Those Who Discuss the Khashoggi Affair Online

by Marc Owen Jones

UNRWA and Palestinian Refugees Under Attack: When Politics Trump Law and History

by Francesca Albanese

Ali ‘Abd al-Raziq: A Profile

by Andrew McDonald

Iraqi IDP Returns to Former ISIS-Held Areas: Findings from a Longitudinal
Study on Durable Solutions

by Rochelle Davis, Grace Benton, Dana al Dairani, and Michaela Gallien


Special Feature: Summer of Coups


by the Jadaliyya Editors

The Invisible Line: Soldiers and Civilians in the Middle East

by Drew Holland Kinney

Regime-Security Urbanism: Cairo 2050 & Beyond in al-Sisi’s Cairo

by Robert Flahive

Academics for Peace Continue Standing Trials: An Interview with Murat Birdal

by Anya Briy

NEWTON Bouquet, “Summer of Coups”

by the NEWTON Editors

Summer of Coups Series: From the Jadaliyya Archives

by the Jadaliyya Editors



Roundtable: The Future of Political Islam in the Middle East and North Africa under the Changing Regional Order

by Francesco Cavatorta, Courtney Freer, M. Tahir Kilavuz, Peter Mandaville, Samer Shehata, and Stacey Philbrick Yadav

Decolonizing Middle East Men and Masculinities Scholarship: An Axiomatic Approach

by Frances S. Hasso

Essential Readings: Authoritarianism

by Steven Heydemann

Essential Readings: Said’s Orientalism, Its Interlocutors, and Its Influence

by Anthony Alessandrini



القبيسيات في السياق المجتمعي السوري

by Sawsan Zakzak

تأملات في الغياب: الأرشيف الفلسطيني من حركة التحرر إلى دولة أوسلو

by Hana Sleiman

موت مجرم آخر: عن بوش الأب

by Sinan Antoon



Money, Markets, and Monarchies: The Gulf Cooperation Council and the Political
Economy of the Contemporary Middle East (New Texts Out Now)

by Adam Hanieh

“How I Met My Great-Grandfather: Archives and the Writing of History”
(New Texts Out Now)

by Sherene Seikaly

The Proper Order of Things: Language, Power, and Law in Ottoman Administrative
Discourses (New Texts Out Now)

by Heather Ferguson

“Labor-Time: Ecological Bodies And Agricultural Labor in 19th-and Early
20th-Century Egypt” (New Texts Out Now)

by Jennifer L. Derr



Israel, Human Rights Watch, and the Nation State Law: A Conversation Between
Bassam Haddad and Omar Shakir, Israel-Palestine HRW Director

conducted by Bassam Haddad


From the Archives

Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council Crisis

by Mouin Rabbani

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