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JadMag subscription service entitles the subscriber to four issues.

  1. Two JadMags encompassing half a year's content (first from January-June, second from July-December).
  2. One topical, geographical, or pedagogical-focused issue.
  3. One back issue of the subscribers choice. Please select the issue you would like upon purchasing from this listing. Either write a note while checking out, or email us your choice at info@tadweenpublishing.com.

Each JadMag will feature diverse content and offer unique articles or interviews that will not be found on Jadaliyya at the time of publication. Coupling timely content with the addition of essential readings lists, reviews of new books and scholarly articles, and topical pieces from Jadaliyya’s celebrated archives allows the JadMag project more ambitiously to function as a knowledge producer, a near-comprehensive source of analysis on the region, and a pedagogical resource par excellence.

Each subscription to the print issue comes with digital copies. Electronic-only subscriptions are also available. We are currently on "Issue 6.4: Fall 2018"

If you order a one-year subscription now, you will receive:

  1. Issue 6.4: Fall 2018
  2. Issue 7.1: Spring 2019
  3. Issue 7.2: Pedagogy 2019
  4. One back issue of your choice, selected here: https://tadweenpublishing.com/collections/jadmag
  5. And a special bonus! A complimentary E-Copy of the Cities JadMag!

For more information on both past and current issues, see more at JadMag.org!

View the current issue's Table of Contents here.
Sneak peeks here.


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