JADMAG Issue 8.1: Fall 2021 Pedagogy Edition

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Since the autumn of 2018, Jadmag has been published as a seasonal subscription-based magazine in both hard-copy and electronic formats. The cultivation of a steady readership will enable the JadMag team to produce a wide-ranging and an even more intellectually stimulating publication. These magazines are be released twice a year, in addition to a third issue that will be specifically geared toward pedagogy on issues pertaining to the Middle East and North Africa. A fourth issue will be included in all subscriptions, and it can be any of our already published theme issues on JadMag.org. Each JadMag will feature diverse content and offer unique articles or interviews that will not be found on Jadaliyya at the time of publication. Coupling timely content with the addition of essential readings lists, reviews of new books and scholarly articles, and topical pieces from Jadaliyya’s celebrated archives allows the JadMag project more ambitiously to function as a knowledge producer, a near-comprehensive source of analysis on the region, and a pedagogical resource par excellence.


“Can We Watch Something Uplifting?”: On Teaching Palestine Through Film by Ahlam Muhtaseb

A Year of Research and Writing from My Bedroom by Mostafa Minawi

Breaking Point by Anthony Alessandrini

Reflections on the Interconnectedness of Student Activism, Academic Freedom, and Solidarity by Kylie Broderick

Pedagogy and Grades: The University of California is neither Public nor Elite by Jack Davies

Curricular Justice: Arab American Studies and the Struggle for California’s Schools by Beshara Kehdi

On Decolonial Studies by Paraska Tolan-Szliknik


A Roundtable on Academic Precarity, Omar Dahi, Layla Ghoushey, Dina Haddad, Pheroze Unwalla

Teaching the Mediterranean: An Interview with Julia Clancy-Smith, by Jacob Bessen

Teaching Anthropology of the Economic from the Middle East: An Interview with Julia Elyachar, by Jacob Bessen

Tadween Talks: Understanding the Arab Uprisings, An Interview with Ziad Abu-Rish by Jonathan Adler

Reflections on Palestinian Studies, An Interview with Beshara Doumani by Sherene Seikaly

The Middle East Studies Association’s Global Academy: An Interview with Aslı Bâli by Bassam Haddad 54. Engaging Books from Stanford University Press: An Interview with Caroline McKusick by Jonathan Adler


Essential Readings

Iranian Socialism and Communism by Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi

The Left in Mandate Palestine by Musa Budeiri

Marxism and the Left in Egypt by Joel Beinin

Land, Water, and the Environment in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territories by Sophia Stamatopoulu-Robbins

“Democracy Promotion” by Benjamin Schuetze

Politics and Popular Culture in the Middle East and North Africa by Nicola Pratt


Neha Vora, Teach for Arabia: American Universities, Liberalism, and Transnational Qatar

Raja Adal, Beauty in the Age of Empire: Japan, Egypt and the Global History of Aesthetic Education

Sean Yom, The Societies of the Middle East and North Africa: Structures, Vulnerabilities, and Forces

Rosie Bsheer, Archive Wars: The Politics of History in Saudi Arabia

Asef Bayat and Linda Herrera (eds.), Global Middle East: Into the 21st Century

Ahmed Kanna, Amélie Le Renard, and Neha Vora, Beyond Exception: New Approaches to the Arabian Peninsula

Omnia El Shakry (ed.), Understanding and Teaching the Modern Middle East


Stanford University Press Selections On Heritage Politics:
Archive Wars: The Politics of History in Saudi Arabia by Rosie Bsheer

The Missing Pages: The Modern Life of a Medieval Manuscript, from Genocide to Justice Heghnar Zeitlian Watenpaugh

Heritage and the Cultural Struggle for Palestine by Chiara De Cesari

Islands of Heritage: Conservation and Transformation in Yemen by Nathalie Peutz

Oneworld Publication Selections on Radical Histories of the Middle East:

Khalil Maleki The Human Face of Iranian Socialism by Homa Katouzian

Contested Modernity Sectarianism, Nationalism, and Colonialism in Bahrain by Omar H. AlShehabi

A Rebel’s Journey Mostafa Sho‘aiyan and Revolutionary Theory in Iran by Peyman Vahabzadeh

Call to Arms: Iran’s Marxist Revolutionaries Formation and Evolution of Fada’is, 1964–1976 by Ali Rahnema

Peer-Reviewed Articles Review Bouquets

Race in the Middle East and North Africa: Peer-Reviewed Articles, 1979–2019 140.

Race and the Middle East in the United States: Peer-Reviewed Articles, 1979–2019

Palestine, Israel, and Race: Peer-Reviewed Articles, 1979–2019

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