Tadween's detailed Submission Guidelines are under construction. If you are interested in submitting a book manuscript now, please use the proposal template below. Download the template here, and email it to info@TadweenPublishing.com.

Tadween Team


Manuscript Proposal Template (Download)


  1. Name as it should appear on the manuscript:
  2. Contact info:   
          Email:                                                Telephone:

     3.  Biography
     4.  Prior publication(s) and Research in progress

Proposed title and subtitle 

  1. What is the proposed title/subtitle? What is an alternative title/subtitle?


  1. Provide a rationale for this manuscript (why should it be published?)
  2. What (specific) literature does it address?
  3. What social science or other discipline or branch of the humanities might it fall under?


Endorsements and Review

  1. Who might be an appropriate person(s) to endorse this manuscript?
  2. Who might be an appropriate person(s) to review this manuscript?

Synopsis and Table of Contents 

  1. Provide a 2-3 sentence blurb that best describes the book to a lay audience.
  2. Provide a short (250 word) synopsis of the manuscript.
  3. Provide a projected table of contents.


  1. Is your submission intended to be a book manuscript?
  2. What is the projected length? (word count)
  3. Does it include illustrations? Is it intended to be interactive/hyperlinked?
  4. Do you wish to produce an electronic version and a hard copy?


  1. Anticipated readership/audience (general/lay, expert, University, High School,  etc.)
  2. Courses in which this manuscript might be assigned (undergraduate, graduate, intro, survey, advanced, etc.)


  1. Where might this manuscript be promoted?
  2. What networks should be tapped?
  3. What networks can you (the author) access/reach?

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