Insecurity Monitor Issue 1, Vol. 1: Summer 2023

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The Insecurity Monitor is Security in Context’s (SiC’s) annual print and digital magazine, featuring the most important outputs from across research tracks. Launched in 2020, Security in Context is a transnational research network whose mission is to advance critical and non-Western perspectives on global affairs. For more about the project, please visit their website.

Insecurity Monitor will showcase deeply informed, empirically rich, and analytically sophisticated articles from across SiC’s four main research tracks: Redefining (In)Security, which examines how traditional security practices have in fact increased insecurity globally and proposes alternative social justice-oriented ways to measure security. Global Capitalism and Transnational War Economies, which analyzes how shifts in global capitalism interact with, facilitate, and are transformed by transnational war economies and military industrial complexes. Class, Race, Gender, and (In)security, which aims to highlight not only the different ways in which class, race, and gender intersect with securitization, but also the de-securitizing agendas of marginalized poor and working class, racialized and gendered groups. Multipolarity, Great Power Competition and the Glob- al South, which examines how multipolarity and Great Power competition are both shaping and being shaped by Global South dynamics.

In this inaugural edition, the Insecurity Monitor includes original articles, new research projects, and interviews featuring Kasia Paprocki, Robert Vitalis, Roosbelinda Cardenas, Van Jackson, Paul Amar, Rabie Nasser, Shana Marshall, Maria Hadjipavlou, Mouin Rabbani, Lee Jones and others.

Table of Contents

  • Editors’ Introduction
  • “What is Security in Context?” An Interview with Omar Dahi
Redefining Insecurity
  • The Social and Solidarity Economy An Interview with Rabie Nasser
  • New Approaches to the Measurement of (In)Security: The Participatory Security Index by Rabie Nasser
  • The Myth of Climate Migrants: On Discourse and Its Effects by Kasia Paprocki
  • Security is Beyond the National Interest: Grand Strategy and Progressive Worldmaking by Van Jackson
  • New Approaches to Studying Insecurity An Interview with Sami Hermez
Global Capitalism and Transnational War Economies
  • How Surplus Capital Fuels Militarization An Interview with Shana Marshall
  • War Economies of the Early 21st Century An Interview with Pete Moore
  • Financialization and Militarization: An Empirical Investigation by Adem Yavuz Elveren
Class, Race, Gender and (In)Security
  • Ethical Research Through Partnerships An Interview with Paul Amar
  • Woman, Life, Freedom: A Feminist Movement Reimagines the World by Catherine Z. Sameh
  • Human Security and the Voices of Cypriot Women by Maria Hadjipavlou
  • The Cuban Dilemma: Antiracism and International Solidarity Lost in Translation by Roosbelinda Cárdenas
  • Surveillance and Securitization of Queer Bodies in Egypt by Elaine Lowaty and Yara Ahmed
  • Racism’s Raw Materials by Robert Vitalis
Multipolarity, Great Power Competition, and the Global South
  • Mapping Security Narratives in the Global South An Interview with Fernando Brancoli
  • Multidimensional Research for Peacebuilding An Interview with Firat Demir
  • The Ukraine War in MENA: The Geopolitical Dynamics of Great Power Rivalry by Mouin Rabbani
  • Could Geopolitical Competition Over Development Financing Benefit the Global South? by Lee Jones
  • The International Leadership Database: An Interview with Kevin Young
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