New Book: Creative Refuge

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Creative Refuge
By Reem Charif, Mohamad Hafeda and Joumana al Jabri

E-book: $25.00
Paperback: $35.00

Creative Refuge brings forward the experience of three workshops working with children at Beit Atfal Assomoud, Burj El Barajne Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. The publication is a research catalog of the collected children’s stories, dreams, play spaces, and related family histories as well as a research document of the social and spatial findings of the three workshops. It is also an educational manual for practitioners and educators working with children and participatory creative processes, who are in particular interested in working with contextual and situated learning and issues of displacement, rights, and refuge. The workshops explored children’s Dream and Play practices in relation to living within the urban dense conditions of the camps, and the political constraints of their status as residents in refuge.

The book is produced in both Arabic and English, aiming to preserve the cultural specificity of the language of the workshops and of the camp context, but at the same time to invite a wider audience into the stories and research.

The book has been made possible through the support of A.M. Qattan and Prince Claus Fund’s "Selat: Links Through the Arts, 2012," Palestine International Institute, Norwegian People's Aid and Aramex.


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