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Al-Diwan brings you the latest news and analysis from the publishing and academic worlds that relate to pedagogy and knowledge production.



Forget Pricey Books, 6 Places in Cairo that Offer Affordable Books for Bibliophiles 
(Egyptian Streets)

Supporting hard texts versus the e-book trend, Egyptian Streets develops a list of places where the books are not too expensive and patrons can get lost surrounded by piles and shelves of texts.   

Failed father figures and nuanced storytelling: Bezness as Usual
By Lara ElGibaly (Mada Masr)

In a review of Bezness as Usual, a documentary by Alex Pitstra, Lara ElGibaly explores the role and style of storytelling woven throughout the movie. The complexity of storytelling and of stories blends well throughout Pitstra’s film, according to ElGibaly.

With Purchase of Souq.com, Amazon Moves into Middle East 
By Ed Nawotka (Publisher’s Weekly)

A recent deal between Amazon and Dubai-based Souq.com is expected to change the bookselling throughout the Middle East. While it is unclear how exactly Amazon will address the problems Souq.com faced in regards to distribution, many have high hopes.

Palestine Festival of Literature Marks Its First Decade in Ramallah, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Nablus 
By Porter Anderson (Publishing Perspectives)

For the Palestine Festival of Literature’s tenth anniversary, the festival is focusing on “The Future.” As writers and participants experience and travel through Palestine, they also look and engage with all parts of Palestinian history.


Egypt Debates Introducing Electronic Textbooks 
By Amira Sayed Ahmed (Al-Fanar Media)

In light of the Egyptian pound’s decline and the increasing cost of printing, some Egyptian ministers and members of Parliament find turning to electronic textbooks for education appealing.

What’s in Palestine’s first ever education law?
By Ahmed Melhem (Al-Monitor)

Ahmed Melhem explains the details of the first Palestinian Law for Education and Higher Education and outlines hopes various government officials have for the law’s implementation and success.

Library train brings books to Gaza children 
By Ibrahim Abdelhadi (Al-Monitor) 

In early March, Shorouq wa Amal Center set out to encourage young children in Gaza to read, and they did so using a “library train.” The program not only exposes children to many different books, but also introduces them to stories of well-known Palestinian authors.

This Kuwaiti Investment Firm Just Freed Up $120M To Invest In Education Sector 
By Jojo Puthuparampil (Inc. Arabia)

 Jojo Puthuparampil looks into how Al Imtiaz Group’s sale of its 10% stake in HumanSoft fits into the greater context of increased interest in the Middle East and North African education sectors.

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