The Political Theology of ISIS by Ahmad Dallal now available for pre-order!

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Pre-order Ahmad Dallal's The Political Theology of ISIS: Prophets, Messiahs, and "the Extinction of the Grayzone" now for May, 2017. Read a description of the book below, and place an order for the hard copy ($9.99) today! The eBook will be forthcoming soon.

"More than any other actor on the contemporary Arab political landscape, ISIS represents the most expansive and potent threat to the territoriality of the modern Arab nation states, and it has exceeded the expectations of all observers in its expansiveness and resilience. While it is true that the rise of ISIS was enabled by a confluence of interests, it is now abundantly clear that ISIS has a dynamic project of its own and is not a mere proxy for such interests. ISIS entirely rejects the current order and its beneficiaries, and as such, it claims to carry the revolutionary project to its conclusion. The ISIS alternative to the failed Arab states is not just a normative Islamic cultural identity that guides the actions of the state, but an Islamic State that is itself the embodiment of the imagined new order. By examining the political theology of ISIS, this essay aims to understand the challenge posed by ISIS to the struggle for justice in the contemporary Arab and Muslim World."

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